The Justified Sinner comes to teach at SCC

The JUSTIFIED SINNER, renowned Scottish artist DAUVITALEXANDER, is bringing his Cabinet of Curiosities?to the Society for Contemporary Craft.?

Influenced by musician John Cage, architect Frank Gehry, metalsmith Bob Ebendorf, jewelry worn by Renaissance men, and children’s TV shows from the 70’s, this eccentric award-winning artist has been a finalist in the PMC Studio Open Competition and exhibited as part of the Goldsmith?s Hall Craftsmanship and Design Awards, as well as exhibiting this year in the Landfill Art Project here in Pennsylvania and Beneath The Skin at the Sheffield Institute of Arts in Sheffield, UK. The work shown here is The Four Cocktail Rings of the Apocalypse. More information and other examples of the artist?s work can be found at Dauvit Alexander?s website. He also has a great Etsy Site with really affordable work.


hymn to amun-ra, found brake pad from a light aircraft,silver, blue topaz, custom-cut citrine, lapis-lazuli, acrylic enamel, rare-earth magnets, kevlar from a bullet-proof vest, 3d print of a scarab beetle

Dauvit Alexander will be teaching NEW JUNK JEWELRY at the Society of Contemporary Craft. The class is a tutorial in combining found and discarded objects by traditional fine jewelry techniques. Participants will create their own personal, wearable, environmental apocalypse.

The Four Cocktail Rings Of The Apocalypse: Pestilence

NEW JUNK JEWELRY runs from Monday July 11th to Friday, July 15th, and there are still a few spaces. The tuition for the class is $425.00 (some partial-tuition scholarships are available.) Please call: Sherrard Bostwick, SCC Director of Education, at phone number: 412.261.7003 extension 25 or email: for more information or to register.?

Post-Apocalyptic Cocktail Rings

atavism, found, corroded hand-made nail, silver, found washers, spring washers, file tang, key, natural sapphire crystal, sapphires and carnelians

I Put A Spell On You