Board of Directors

We recognize the many demands placed on our Board members and are truly grateful to them for rising to meet those challenges. Contemporary Craft’s enduring and emerging profile in our community can be credited in large part to our current Board, along with its many predecessors, who have all worked so vigorously in its establishment.

Lisa Krieg

Vice Chair
Alexander Neal

Lisa Belloli

David Zeve

Executive Director
Rachel Saul Rearick

Nina Marie Barbuto

Melanie Claxton

Alexander Co

Lauren Connelly

Cappy Counard

Darla Cravotta

Derek Dauphin

Domenic Dozzi

Leslie H. Fleisher

Gretchen Givens Generett

Christopher Guignon

Mary Ellen Johnson

Tracy Johnston

Emma Wallis Jones

Mounir Kashkoush

Risë Nagin

Matt Neistein

Michele O’Leary

Jenee’ Oliver

Clyde Wilson Pickett, Ed.D.

Patricia A. Sheahan, Ph.D.

Hilary Tyson

Lorene Vinski