Staff and Board of Directors

For general inquiries, please email
or call 412.261.7003
Fax: 412.261.1941


Executive Director
Janet McCall

Director of Development
Aaron Martin
412.261.7003 x12

Development Coordinator
Liz Lenthe
412.261.7003 x29

Arts Finance Cohort – Shared CFO
Rebecca McNeil

Director of Operations and Finance
Yu-San Cheng
412.261.7003 x28

Director of Exhibitions
Kate Lydon
412.261.7003 x15

Marketing Manager
Stephanie Sun
412.261.7003 x22

Retail Sales Manager
Susan Hillman/Jim Ebbert
412.261.7003 x16

Studio Manager
Allison Jones
412.261.7003 x26

Studio Apprentice
Kate Fitzgerald
412.261.7003 x25

Volunteers and Interns
Pam Morrison
Karen Roberts
Tammy Schweinhagen

Board of Directors

We recognize the many demands placed on our Board members and are truly grateful to them for rising to meet those challenges. Contemporary Craft’s enduring and emerging profile in our community can be credited in large part to our current Board, along with its many predecessors, who have all worked so vigorously in its establishment.

Susan Golomb

Vice Chair
Albert Donnenberg

Emma Wallis Jones

Kimberly Griffith

Members of the Board of Directors
Christine Bethea
Tracy Certo
Mark Flaherty
Susan Gromis Kaplan
Peter Mars
Alexander Neal
Edward F. Rockman
Janice Faller Schermer
Patty Silberstein
William Stein
Hilary Tyson
David Zeve