The Store

Live Artfully with Handcrafted Objects

Our interim online store is open!  Spring is here and so is birthdays and other special occasions. If you are looking for a unique, handcrafted gift to send to a family member or loved one, we are here for you! Shop artfully with handcrafted objects by Pittsburgh artists Allison Hilton Jones and Danial Baxter. We ship everywhere within the United States with USPS Priority Mailing.

Hopefully we will have our official online store and physical store ready for you soon.

Allison Hilton Jones

Allison started metalsmithing after a visit to Contemporary Craft in 2008. Her cool, stunning jewelry incorporates felt, vibrant colored concrete and sterling silver. The word Allison uses the most often to describe her work is “graphic”. The simplicity of clean shapes combines to create small sculptures that you are able to wear. The finished product has substance and boldness, much like the envisioned wearer. Allison’s pieces are eye-catching and perfect for any occasion!

Daniel Baxter

If you have visited us in our old home in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, you probably saw Daniel making his kreepy dolls in the artist-in-residence space. Each Doll is made of colored fabrics, individually sewn by Daniel and he never makes the same kreepy doll, because he believes that everyone should be able to find their one-of-a-kind kreepy doll. You can learn more about Daniel’s creative process in this artist interview.

Contemporary Craft Store Gift Card is also available! Contact our Store Manager Jim Ebbert at for more information.

Representing hundreds of the best craft artists from around the country, The Store features handcrafted, functional and decorative artworks such as statement jewelry, unique ceramics, blown glass, handwoven or hand dyed wearable fiber, and heirloom quality furniture. When you purchase artwork in The Store, you are helping to support working artists, as well as the free exhibitions and community programs offered by Contemporary Craft.

We can’t wait for restrictions to lift so that we can get back to doing what we love and are able to greet and catch-up with our Contemporary Craft family! When our new, permanent home in Upper Lawrenceville opens, we would love to help you find handcrafted gifts that commemorates a special event, birthday, or holidays, or the perfect art object for your special someone in The Store.