Loom Club

Thanks to the generosity of many individuals and organizations, Contemporary Craft has acquired a Studio full of floor and tabletop looms.  The looms are beautiful, though they all could use a little love to bring them to full working condition.  That is the first goal of Loom Club: we will get these looms in great working condition for weaving classes!

Together, through the process, we will learn a lot about looms! So, after we reach our initial goal, we hope Loom Club will continue to meet and grow as a local resource for loom-enthusiasts and weavers.

Do you need to know anything about weaving or looms to join? No! Loom Club is open to all!

The next meeting of Loom Club will be Tuesday, August 22, 6:30pm-8:30pm.  We welcome anyone who is interested and invite you to come to the next meeting or email Jamie at jboyle@contemporarycraft.org with any questions.