Current Exhibitions

Elemental Fiber

May 17 - August 18, 2019 in the BNY Mellon Satellite Gallery

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Through her colorful quilts, Nida explores public issues such as women’s rights, politics, climate change, gun control, and other social topics through art. Many of these topics explored can be found in the nine exhibiting artworks in Elemental Fiber.

Fiberart International 2019

May 10 - August 24, 2019 in the Main Gallery

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Fiberart International 2019 (FI2019)is the 23rd in a series of triennial juried exhibitions sponsored by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh. Featuring artworks by established and emerging fiber artists from the United States and abroad, the exhibition will provide a unique insights into current trends and innovations in the constant evolving craft field of fiber.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Crafting Conversations: A Call and Response to Our Changing Climate through Art

September 1, 2019 - January 15, 2020 in the BNY Mellon Satellite Gallery

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The artworks in “Crafting Conversations” demonstrate how local artists are attempting to change their environmental footprint while crafting conversations for thousands of transit users. This exhibition invites viewers to take a “long view,” suggesting how we might shift our thinking, actions, and culture to allow for a more sustainable, life-affirming relationship between human and non-human nature.