How it works…

Participating weavers are current and former students and instructors in the weaving program at CC.  Each weaver signed up for 1-hour increments of time (or in some cases all 12 hours!).  At their designated time they will begin weaving a dish towel on their loom.  As each towel is completed, it will be tagged while still on the loom indicating which weaver made the towel.  The following day a team of volunteer sewers will finish the ends of the towels and they will immediately be available in the Store at CC.  Each towel will sell for $40 and the weaver will receive a $20 artist commission.

This sounds wild!  Why are you doing this?

Great question!  Thanks for asking!  The idea for Weave-a-Thon was inspired by the current exhibition, Climate Awakening.  Several staff members at CC began using cloth napkins and dish towels at lunch to reduce their use of disposable paper products.  Other staff members wanted to follow suit, and were sad that we didn’t have handwoven towels in the Store.

At the same time, our weaving students were looking for more opportunities to weave and remain a part of our vibrant fibers community.  Thus the idea for Weave-a-Thon was born.  We would pre-warp nine of our looms and invite people to weave dish towels from noon to midnight.  That is 108 weaving hours!  Within the first 24 hours of registration being open, over 80 of those weaving hours were spoken for.  Guess what the most popular time slot is?  10pm-midnight!

This sounds amazing!  How I can support Weave-a-Thon?

Once again, great question!  There are many ways you can support the Weave-a-Thon event and support your favorite weaver.

Sponsor a Weaver

Each weaver will be collecting sponsors.  Sponsors can give a donation per weaving hour, or can donate a flat amount.  The weaver who collects the most donations will receive a free workshop at Contemporary Craft.  Just select the weaver of your choice from the drop down menu.

Sponsor a Weaver

Sponsor the Event

If you don’t know a specific weaver but would still like to sponsor the event, that would be amazing!  Click below and make your general donation.

Sponsor the Event

Donate Food & Drink

We must keep our weavers fed and hydrated throughout the day!  We welcome donations of food and drink for our weavers.

Food & Drink Donation Form

Buy a Dish Towel

All of the dish towels that are woven will be available in Contemporary Craft’s Store on Saturday, November 18.  These will make wonderful hostess gifts for Thanksgiving and will be used and loved year round!

Come to Weave-a-Thon

Please come to Contemporary Craft to see the weavers in action and cheer them on.  We will be open to the public until 9pm.

Send a Message to a Weaver!

Submit a message of encouragement for your favorite weaver.  We will print out all of the messages and hang them throughout the Weaving Studio during Weave-a-Thon!

Submit a Message

What will my donation support?

All of the proceeds from Weave-a-Thon will support the growth of our Fibers Studio and Weaving Program through the purchase of a 12-harness Macomber loom.  This loom will provide the opportunity for weavers to vastly expand their skills and explore more complex weaving structures and patterns.

Thank you to our sponsors!


Loom ($200 and over)

Christopher Bayer
Michelle Brown
Nina DeLoge
Lisa DeMarco
Louise Eastman
Benjamin Enghardt
Lori Plung

Cricket ($150-$199)

Frances Stewart
Charlie White

Warping Board ($100-$149)

Hollen Barmer
Don Bayer
Bear Brandegee
Linda Brown
Rob Clawson
Ava DeMarco
Cassandra Duffy
Lucas Dzmura
Kelly Fifield
Roslynn Fitzgerald
Ann Hamilton
Louise Harris
Donna Harsch
Bryanne Johnson
Elisa Juarez
Sam Laffey
Arlene Longstreth
Maurine Packard
Steven Phillips
Winnie Van Der Rijn
Cara Vaughn
Roberta Zeff

Shuttle ($50-$99)

Sarah Adelman
Margie Barmer
Kathryn Baxter
Jamie Boyle
Dan & Betsy Brockett
Larry Bryant
Sarah Byrd
Courtney Centner
Nicky Corbett
Ann Criss
Katie Edmiston
Bob Fritz
Jamie Fritz
Alexa Goldman
Bryan Goldman
Katya Gradler
James Harter
Paula & Bob Hilton
Sarah Hollister
Cathy Jenkins
Delanie C. Jenkins
Allison Jones
Angie Kingerski
Sallyann Kluz
Beth Kracklauer
Alice Lenthe
Jenny Lin
Susan Loucks
Carter Maluski
Neil Manganaro
Lisa Marchand
Adele Mattern
Aileen Miller
Marlena Minkos
Rachel Moldauer
Alex Neal
Maggie O’Reilly
Richard Phillips
Susan Powell
Monica Rhor
Kristi Rogers
Rob Rogers
Al Saunders
Rosalie Schuster
Shera Selzer
Natalie Shapero
Cormac Slevin
Cheryl Spena
Joan Stone
Krissa Strauss
Will Taylor
Adrianne Thompson
Anne Marie Toccket
Stephen Tornero
Patricia Urann
Diane Van Der Kroef
Diana Vencius
Kate Wenger
Vera White
Joann Zeffiro

Yarn ($1-$49)

Samantha Adioetomo
Amy Baer
Jane Bloom
Laura Branby
Dan Brophy
Alicia Broudy
Brett Buttenfield
Rachel Case
Jill Chisnell
Jocelyn Codner
Aoife Conneely
Sandy DeLorenze
Gina DeMarco
Michael DeSatnik
Cindy DiEmidio
Ursula Eagly
Megan Fedor
Toby Geiringer
Kate Gross
Zachary Hancher
Erin Harper
Kate Harris
Onn Jansen
Siena Kane
PJ Kernick
Pierre Kriel
Abby Kuftic
Laura Kuster
Liz Lenthe
Sara London
Carissa Longo
Rebecca Lubold
Lisa Miltenberger
Pam Morrison
Sol Moure
Christina Muzzie
Travis Neely
Caitlin Ortis
Karen Page
Karen Perkins
Kimberly Raycraft
Claire Ronan
Chloe Scott
Rick Scott
Sally Sharrow
Meg Shevenock
Sarah Simmons
Joshua Space
Kali Stull
Stephanie Taylor
Catherine Tighe
Diane Tighe
Ruth Tighe
Gretchen Underwood
Jessie Violet Larson
Chastity West
Susan Wiedel
Zoe Williams
Metthea Yepsen