Woven Installations

Ann Coddington Rast is an Associate Professor at Eastern Illinois University. She is also an amazing fiber artist.?Working with techniques of twining, basketry, and weaving, she creates gestural sculptures that echo the familiar. By grouping various pieces together, Rast constructs subtle wall installations that evoke a narrative that is felt more than it is understood. ?In the installation entitled mother/memory, individual pieces are?reminiscent?of lovingly knit mittens, gathered?sustenance?and shelter ? all of which come together to induce a visceral reaction, a remembrance of childhood.?



Ann’s work will be on view at our?Satellite Gallery?from December 17 through February 12, 2012. In conjunction with the exhibition, Ann will be teaching a class at SCC. Call or email?Sherrard?to register, 412-261-7003 x25

Contemporary Twining Basketry workshop
date & time: Saturday,?February 11
10 a.m. ? 4 p.m (one-hour lunch break)
registration deadline: February 3

In this workshop, the basketry technique of twining will be introduced. Participants will create a sculptural twined form using waxed linen and spring twine. In conjunction with this, we will engage in a discussion on conceptual aspects of contemporary fiber structures. Questions such as these will be addressed in the workshop: What types of forms can be made with twining? What are various methods of starting a twined piece? What are variations on twined stitches? How do artists investigate meaning through fibers? What types of themes are explored? What do you hope your work will communicate?
* Previous knowledge with fibers is helpful, for example knitting, or basketry experience.

tuition: $100
materials fee: $35