Visiting Artist Daniel DiCaprio


1) How would you describe your medium?
My medium is wood and precious metals. I was drawn to woodworking because I could carve intricate forms for jewelry on a larger scale while still making it wearable. I also love metalsmithing, so I try to keep aspects of my formal training in my work.

2) What themes seem to occur/reoccur in your work?
I pull my imagery from plant and animal anatomy. I am always drawn to biomorphic forms and tend to follow an evolving group of shapes before moving on. I’m currently working on pieces that have some sort of combination of feathers/scales/artichokes… we’ll see how that goes.
3) Can you tell us a little about one of your favorite pieces that you’ve created?
My favorite piece is definitely “Maneater” (green piece below). I made it in 2008 while still in graduate school. I have been exhibiting it ever since, and each time it comes back to me I think about where it has been and how my work has changed in that time. At the time it was a big commitment for me to make a piece with gold. To me it was a statement that this is me, and it’s what I want to make, and if it fails it’s really going to hurt (wallet/soul).
4) What is your favorite thing or what are you most excited about seeing when visiting the City of Pittsburgh?
I love visiting Pittsburgh to see all my metalsmith friends in the area. I’m always impressed with the amazing community of craft artists and the mutually beneficial relationship they have with SCC.

If you are interested in seeing more of Daniel’s work please visit his website here!

Daniel is also teaching a Wood Rings and Wire Inlay Workshop at Contemporary Craft March 1-2 2014, if you?re interested in more information or to sign up click?here!