“The intersection of science, art, and technology…”

2-Layer Center Ring, part of the Cell Cycle Collection

Founded in 2007 by Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg, Nervous System approaches product-design ?in a unique way. Using “generative design methods” the team creates organically architectural designs and forms, which they translate into wearable products.?

Cluster Pendant, part of the Xylem Collection. Xylem is based on the process of vein formation in leaves.?

I find their methodology really interesting. They say it best, “Instead of designing a specific form, we craft a system whose result is a myriad of distinct creations. These systems are interactive, responding both to changes in specific variables and to physical inputs. There is no definitive, final product, instead the many designs created allow for mass customization.” ?By using this type of design, the company and customers are not limited to one designer’s concepts. Consumers can create their own pieces using Nervous Systems software, which can then be made into a wearable. By utilizing rapid prototyping and inexpensive materials, Nervous System is able to provide affordable, eco-friendly products that can be customized at no additional cost.?

A striking cellular cuff in stainless steel, inspired by microscopic cellular structures and created using computer simulation and 3d-printing. Part of the Cell Cycle, which was inspired by the intricate mineral forms of Radiolarians.

Read more about this company and their designs at Design Milk, which featured Nervous System a while back.?

Algae Collection. The patterns for these pieces are grown organically through a process that mimics the branching structure of algae and plants.