Zack Twenty Five launched as a pilot program in early 2023.  Creatorz and Makerz met weekly culminating in the sale of products designed at a launch celebration in August.


“The years young people move from youth to adulthood—roughly ages 14 to 24—are full of immense possibility and potential. This is the second most critical developmental period in young people’s lives—after early childhood—and the time when they get the education, skills, life experiences, and supports they need to take on increasing responsibility, form their identities, and learn how to succeed on their own. This transition requires a stable launching pad formed by support from their families and caring adults in their communities, stable access to resources to meet their basic needs, and opportunities to access quality education and employment. With this stable foundation, adolescents can thrive and successfully transition to becoming healthy, productive young adults contributing to their communities. As a result, investing in young people during this critical period can have lastingeffects on their lives and result in significant long-term benefits for society.”

Gina Adams, Heather Hahn, and Amelia Coffey February 2021, The Urban Institute


Zack Twenty Five is open to any individual aged 20-25, with lived experience in the human service system, who is interested in an entrepreneurial experience creating craft with a committed Maker Mentor.   Creatorz and Makerz meet for two to three hours each week learning new skills, getting hands-on experience with current working artists, learning how to market products, and support launching their products for sale.  Perhaps most importantly, Creatorz build meaningful, long-standing relationships with their Makerz, creating social connections and a sense of community.

During the pilot initiative, Creatorz were matched with Makers working in wood, ceramics, glass, metals, and fibers.  Each Maker is hand selected for their Creator based on their individual interests and needs.

Interested in learning more about being a Creator?  Contact Leonardo Johnson at

Interested in learning more about being a Maker?  Contact Allison Jones at

History of Zack Twenty Five

Zack Kuzma was a good-natured, compassionate, and quirky individual who had a loving family, resources for basic needs, and a successful career. However, he always struggled with finding a true direction to follow in life. Backed by a family history of addiction and mental illness, over time Zack withdrew from his social network and began drinking. Despite honest participation in an alcohol recovery program, things continued to go downhill for him. He was found deceased in his home shortly before his 35th birthday. Tragedies like Zack’s story should never happen to anyone else.  Lisa Kuzma created the Zack Twenty in memory of her son Zack.