What do partner organizations receive?

  • Five full days of Studio access.  This can be broken down in whatever way best suites the needs of each partner.
  • 12 hours of CC staff time for curriculum consultation and/or teaching
  • $450 materials stipend

What do Partners in Craft programs look like?

Creative Citizen Studios

Contemporary Craft welcomed Creative Citizen Studios into our Studios for a week in the summer.  Their mornings were spent in the Metals Studio learning about metal stamping, soldering, and assemblage, and their afternoons were spent in the Fibers Studio learning felting, and paper making.

Family Care Connections

Family Care Connections visited the Contemporary Craft Studios once a month over the course of several months to complete their Nursery Rhyme Art – Literacy through Art program.  During their time in the Studios they learned metal stamping, sewing, laser cutting wood and acrylic, and enameling on copper.

“Working with the Lawrenceville FCC and CC partnerships was amazing.  Skills I never even imagined were presented.  The growth that I encountered as a creator was incredible.  I look forward to more classes and projects with both organizations.”
-Program Participant

Interested organizations can complete an application form for consideration for Partners in Craft.  The application will ask for a brief description of your intended program, but all applicants will be contacted to discuss their program in more detail prior to participation decisions being made.

Apply Here