Stories of Impact

With its purchase of the new home in Upper Lawrenceville neighborhood in 2019, Contemporary Craft received support and strong testimonies about this transformational move:

“I am thrilled that Contemporary Craft was able to find a new home that will enable them to continue their mission of engaging the public in creative experiences through contemporary craft. They are a tremendous asset for our city and our region and will be a great addition to the bustling neighborhood of Lawrenceville.”
– Wayne D. Fontana, Pennsylvania State Senator

“As RAD celebrates its 25th anniversary of making impactful public investments throughout Allegheny County for all residents and visitors to enjoy, it is only fitting that we also celebrate one of our long-time assets, Contemporary Craft, as they prepare their new home ensuring that they continue to be a most vital and integral part of our community’s cultural fabric.”
– Dan Griffin, Board Chair, Allegheny Regional Asset District

“When we found out last spring that we would have to leave our home of 33 years, we were very disappointed. But it’s turned out to be a wonderful opportunity. We have found an exciting building in an exciting location that will allow us to grow and thrive as we look to the future.”
– Susan Golomb, Board Chair, Contemporary Craft

“I am thrilled that Contemporary Craft has found a permanent home. As the daughter of Contemporary Craft’s founder, Elizabeth R. Raphael, and as a former long-time employee and donor, I believe the work this organization supports – locally, nationally and internationally – is important, rare and precious.”
– Catherine Raphael, Chair, Contemporary Craft Crafting Our Future Committee

“We are thrilled to see how Contemporary Craft’s new home helps them to advance their rich, 48-year legacy of connecting communities through craft.”
– Sarah Schultz, Executive Director, American Craft Council

“Contemporary Craft is one of Pittsburgh’s cultural gems and with this major relocation to Lawrenceville, the organization has the opportunity to shine like never before. The $5.5 million capital project is a major investment in rejuvenating a bit of Pittsburgh’s industrial past while supporting cultural, environmental, and economic vitality with an annual $3.9 million impact on the city’s future.”
– Mitch Swain, CEO, Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council

Contemporary Craft inspires creative expression with innovative art exhibition focused on contemporary craft, artist-led workshops, and a store filled with unique, handcrafted works of art, all so you can express your creative self.

Contemporary Craft has received numerous comments about its exhibitions and studio workshops such as:

“This is an absolutely incredible, powerful, and outstanding show. I identify on so many levels as a fiber artist/sculptor, as a students (former) from a school that had a shooting, and as a woman who has experienced violence. The message here is powerful and the work representing it is superb. Great Show.”
– visitor of ENOUGH violence: Artist Speak Out

“Fantastic contribution to the field of “Stigma Free” art! Thank you deeply to all the artists and sponsors. Your contribution produced a superlative art exhibit and advanced the work of stigma free mental illness.”
– visitor of Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art

“Thank you! These powerful works have important reminders of our common humanity – and our responsibility to reach out to one another with love and support.”
– visitor of Visual Voices: Truth Narrative

“I have been to your gallery for many years. The Transformation 10 is one of the very best exhibitions of art I have seen anywhere! Thank you and stay local when you move in 2020.”
– visitor of Transformation 10: Contemporary Works in Found Materials

“The workshop really fits my needs. I needed a catalyst to create a piece to get me started on a series. The teacher achieved a good balance between teaching technique and supporting the needs of the students, which I think in general were fairly advanced.”
– student response to The Studio post-workshop survey

“Teacher was well prepared and organized. Teaching philosophy gave students lots of info and the freedom to move on with new processes learned.”
– student response to The Studio post-workshop survey