Past LEAP Finalists

2019/2020 LEAP Winner: Christopher Hofmann

Bindo Jars by Chris Hofmann. Blown Glass, electroformed copper.Christopher Hofmann is Contemporary Craft’s 2019/2020 LEAP Award winner! Hofmann sees a historically embedded mystery and the zen-like state that glass evokes and demands; he also sees a near alchemical process that can transmute the mundane into the exceptional with electroforming. By combining glass and electroforming, Hofmann’s work pursues a synergy that existed as long as the materials have been manipulated. He seeks to craft an amalgamation of lineage, materials, and form that can hold true to traditions, as well as becoming universal through deep study and exploration.

2019/20 LEAP Finalists

Priscilla Dahl – Ceramics

Dongyi Wu – Jewelry

Jarrod Futscher – Glass

Jessica Anderson – Jewelry

2018 LEAP Winner: Hosanna Rubio

A handmade brooch with quiet white scenery imagery paired with pointy metal floral and plant structures.

Hosanna Rubio is Contemporary Craft’s 2018 LEAP Award winner! Rubio combines traditional metalsmithing techniques such as enameling and casting with newer technologies like digital manipulation to create layered, detailed pieces that serve as a platform to explore recreation of identity. With her work, Rubio hopes to inspire an atmosphere of dialogue to show that sometimes moments of pain and tragedy can offer us the greatest opportunities for beauty and transformation. Find out more about her inspiration and creative process in her artist interview!

2018 LEAP Finalists

Dallas Wooten – Ceramics

Juliet Martin – Fiber

Peter Antor – Jewelry

Lydia Martin – Jewelry

Stacy Rodgers – Jewelry

Sophie Glenn – Furniture

2017 LEAP Winner: CJ Niehaus

CJ Niehaus, the 2017 LEAP Award winner.

CJ Niehaus is Contemporary Craft’s 2017 LEAP Award winner! Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Niehaus  functional ceramics featured vibrant and whimsical depictions of animals and nature. Her intricate drawings come to life with under glaze pencil making them both elegant and elaborate. Head over to our blog to learn more about the artist and her process.

2017 LEAP Finalists

Kayla Staigvil – Jewelry

Keunho Peter Park – Wood

Kristin LeVier – Wood

Kathleen Janvier – Jewelry

Kristy Kún – Fiber

Anne Fiala – Jewelry

2016 LEAP Award Winner: Laura Jaklitsch


Congratulations to Laura Jaklitsch, Contemporary Craft’s 2016 LEAP Award winner! Hailing from Somerville, MA, Jaklitsch elegantly combines traditional craftsmanship and modern design in her work. Bold in color and sleek in form, her jewelry is at once youthful and sophisticated. Head over to our blog to learn more about the artist and her process.

2016 LEAP Finalists

Molly Uravitch – Ceramics

Danielle James – Jewelry

Cheryl Derricotte – Glass

Marion Angelica – Ceramics

Erin Castellan – Fiber

Alison Bailey – Jewelry

2014 LEAP Award Winner: Amanda Packer

2014 LEAP Award Winner - Amanda PackerAmanda Packer is Contemporary Craft’s 2014 LEAP Award Winner! Read Packer’s artist interview with us to learn more about her and her creative process. The work on the right shows Packer’s work called Recollect, a selection of pendants made with copper, silver, enamel, paint, and thread.

2014 LEAP Finalists

Dorothy McGuinness

Nicole Aquillano
Donna Flanery
Brett Freund

Brian Millspaw

Lynn Batchelder
Ashley Buchanan
Tara Locklear
Laura Wood

Julie Morringello

2011 LEAP Award Winner: Mel Griffin

beautiful ceramicMel Griffin is Contemporary Craft’s 2011 LEAP Award winner. Griffin is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The work on the right shows Griffin’s work called Mating Vase, an earthenware with an dimension of 14″h x 9″w x 9″d.

2011 LEAP Finalists

Kimberly Winkle
Mike Stofiel
Tom Shields

Caitie Sellers
Jillian Moore
Heejin Hwang
Lauren Abrams
Alicia Jane Boswell

Alyssa Wood
Daniel Kuhn
Jenni Brant
Joanna Powell

Josefina Muñoz Torres
Elizabeth Perkins
Jessi Moore
Nadine Saylor
Clarke DeCapite

Erin M. Riley
Amanda K. Gross

Warren Holzman
Stacey Lee Webber

2009 LEAP Award

Nicola Ginzel
Susan Porteous
Naomi Schliesman

Tzu-Ju Chen
Sun Kyoung Kim
Yong Joo Kim
Tadashi KoiZumi
Sung-Yeoul Lee
Gary Schott

Aaron Boze
Ben Johnson
William Smith

Jeremy Cox
Katie Hudnall

Andrea Keys
Jeremy Brooks
Hiroe Hanazono
Jae Yong Kim
Megumi Naitoh
Vince Palacios
David Peters
Nathan Prouty
Munemitsu Taguchi