LEAP Award

Congratulations to Christopher Hofmann, Contemporary Craft’s 2019/20 LEAP Award winner!

Bindo Jars by Chris Hofmann. Blown Glass, electroformed copper.Christopher Hofmann sees a historically embedded mystery and the zen-like state that glass evokes and demands; he also sees a near alchemical process that can transmute the mundane into the exceptional with electroforming. By combining glass and electroforming, Hofmann’s work pursues a synergy that existed as long as the materials have been manipulated. He seeks to craft an amalgamation of lineage, materials, and form that can hold true to traditions, as well as becoming universal through deep study and exploration.

Hofmann’s work will be featured during the Grand Opening Celebrations of Contemporary Craft’s new home in Upper Lawrenceville in fall 2020.

2019/20 LEAP Finalists

Priscilla Dahl – Ceramics
Store feature: March 2020 – May 2020

Dongyi Wu – Jewelry
Store feature: June – August 2020

Jarrod Futscher – Glass
Store feature: September – November 2020

Jessica Anderson – Jewelry
Store feature: December 2020 – February 2021

Priscilla Dahl  Dongyi Wu  Jarrod Futscher  Jessica Andersen

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Lydia Martin and her silver, poetic jewelry