This? is a complete re-post from the I Made It Market blog!!! What a great review by Nina!
If you haven?t had a chance already you should definitely go and check out the DIY : A REVOLUTION IN HANDICRAFTS at the Society of Contemporary Craft in the Strip District.? Seriously CHECK IT OUT!! It opened a few Fridays ago and I made it to the opening ( there were some YUMMY CUPCAKES) and I haven?t had a chance to write about it. Luckily, the show is up until March 26, 2011. It is a MAJOR? exhibition which includes works by 15 contemporary artists from the US, Canada, and England. It is not just handmade goods but items/art that explore issues relating to politics, environmentalism, community and a redefining of a producer/consumer relationship.
I loved SCC?s alternative exhibition space EAT: An Art Space About Food. The work shown is by Lauren Venell of Sweet Meats. This San Francisco designer? formed Sweet Meats to share her concern with environmental and social responsibility.
recycled dyeing ingredients.
DIY is not a new hipster thing ? it evolved out of the need for cost-saving lifestyles. DIY (or ?Do It Yourself?) emerged in the US as a concept in the 1950s and took root as a definitive subculture in urban centers during the 1970s and could be identified as an international movement by the 1990s.
While there are? AMAZING work from all over- Tugboat Printshop has their AMAZING piece?
?America the Beautiful? in it.