The Judy Cheteyan Scholarship

Application deadline for the 2021 Judy Cheteyan Scholarship is January 31, 2021.

Businesswoman and Contemporary Craft past board member and president, Judy Cheteyan has been an invaluable asset to the arts community in Pittsburgh. Both Judy and her husband, Michael, believe that the arts and education make for a stronger community; therefore, affordable exposure to these is crucial for all citizens. Ms. Cheteyan is a strong proponent and supporter of our outreach programs: “It’s really a way to make the connections with young people to bring out their talent and allow them to develop their creativity.”

To foster growth in the arts arena, the couple has developed The Judy Cheteyan Scholarship Fund, an annual summer scholarship which will be offered under the auspices of Contemporary Craft. This paid scholarship will provide a college student with the opportunity to gain professional experience within a nationally and internationally known contemporary craft organization. This three-month internship is for an arts management/art education residency. The program will provide the student with professional and career development and practical experience with professional artists and arts management personnel.

2021 Cheteyan Scholar Overview

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Cheteyan Scholarship Participants

2020 Emily Roush
2018 Janna Arnold

2017 Sonnie Solomon
2016 Christian Morris
2015 Karen Lue
2014 Nicole Anderson
2013 Sarah Ceurvorst
2012 Megan Ratliff
2011 Allison Wickham
2010 Kate Blumen
2009 Kiri Mack-Hansen
2008 Collette Zielinski
2007 Jacci Delaney
2006 Jamie Paul Adams
2005 Jennifer Carland
2004 Fereshteh Toosi
2003 Adrienne Grafton
2002 Cary Morrow

Studio Apprenticeship

Studio Apprenticeship is on hold for 2020. Thank you for your understanding.

Get hands-on experience learning how to manage an arts education center through a paid, yearlong Education Studio Apprenticeship. One of the nation’s only non-profits focusing exclusively on creation, exhibition, and education across all craft media, Contemporary Craft focuses on engaging the public in the creative experience through contemporary craft. This opportunity will provide the apprentice with real-world experience working in a professional arts education facility, while providing opportunities to work alongside nationally and internationally recognized artists.

Studio Apprentices

2020 Kate Fitzgerald
2018 Alyssa Rodibaugh

2016 Jhenny Adams
2015 Amy Masters
2014 Jenny Soracco
2013 Samantha Skelton
2012 Sarah Loch-Test

Contemporary Craft does not discriminate on the basis of sex, age, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, handicap/disability, or veteran’s status. Further, Contemporary Craft will continue to take affirmative steps to support and advance these values consistent with our mission.