Odd Balls

I was flipping through the ol’ Humor in Craft book today realizing now that the show is open, I can take some time to get to know the other artists in the book. Our exhibition, which is representing this book, only has 32 artists in it. The book has well over 100 artists! So, I am going to share with you some choice pieces from the book. And yeah, it’s alphabetical, cause that’s how I roll. Enjoy!

Alice Abrams, Balanced Diet, Clay, metal chain
Bifei Cao, No Parking, Sterling silver, copper, nu gold, plastic, acrylic, enamel, paper
Les Deux Garcons, L’Adieu Impossible, Taxidermy, mixed media

Jenny Fillius, Liar, liar, pants on fire, recycled tin
Maricha Genovese, Amy, Enamel, sterling silver
Magda Gluszek, Not Funny, Clay, wool, resin, fabric, sand
Ok, it seems it will take more than one entry to do this, so more next time!