New Exhibition is finally here!

Bridge 11: Lia Cook, Mariko Kusumoto, Anne Drew Potter

This new exhibition is REALLY awesome. There is a lot to look at, so make sure you have ample time when you visit.?

Mariko Kusumoto’s metal work is particularly intricate with dozens of small pieces in each work. Some of the piece even have small cranks and levers that make then move or even play music. Unfortunately not on their own, but there are great animations on our website so that you can see the work in action!

Lia Cook is developing a whole new direction in her work that involves a very scientific process. As part of her exhibition there is an installation component in which the artist invites you to help with her new research. Before entering the installation viewers are given a packet of info telling them which side to enter and asking them to fill out some questions, such as “ Write one word that describes the emotion you feel in response to the piece” . After the exhibition closes the visitor data gathered will be analyzed and participants who opt in will receive the results.?
Anne Drew Potters 16-figure installation commands the front of the gallery space with the expressive and gestural manner of the individual pieces.?

Hope you all have an opportunity to come see the show, but if not you can see it all on our website!