Meet Rachel: Education Program Coordinator


I am thankful that my path has led me to Contemporary Craft.? I am already enjoying my time here and look forward to everything that SCC has to offer.? What began my journey here was a BFA in Printmaking from Edinboro University with a minor in Art History.? Throughout my life I have been equally fascinated by art, community, redevelopment, and the idea that we each have opportunities to change not only our own lives, but also the lives of those we meet.? Many experiences during and after undergrad taught me that art has the power to be healing, persuasive, and catalytic.? As much as I have always enjoyed the process of making, the greatest driving force behind the arts for me continues to be recognizing art as a vehicle; which was the impetus for my Master?s in Public Administration from Gannon University.

My work prior to SCC afforded me the opportunity to serve as an Assistant Director of Student Living, a Youth Programs Supervisor, and a Grants and Development Coordinator.? I continue to evaluate a 21st Century Community Learning Center program, which is helpful in terms of staying connected to the pulse of education.? Each of those experiences have proved to be very valuable and positioned me well to serve as the Education Program Coordinator here at SCC.? I look forward to getting to know each of the instructors and students that make the Studio such a lively and vibrant place.? I am hopeful that I will see both instructors and students walk away from workshops feeling rejuvenated about their craft, full of fresh ideas, and experiencing a sense of community within our space.? I also look forward to becoming a component of our outreach programs.? I have already seen such compelling examples of local artists impacting the lives of those with whom they create.

Arts Administration is a magnificent field to work within, as I find joy in being surrounded by both strategy and creativity. SCC is located at the heartbeat of culture and community here in Pittsburgh?s Strip District, offering such a dynamic environment.

Since I?ve been here, I have to say that the opening of ENOUGH Violence has been the most invigorating experience.? It was amazing to be a part of the artists communicating with the public as well as I greatly enjoyed being a participant in the peace drum circle.? I will leave you with two pieces that guide my daily interactions here in the Studio.? The first being the five characteristics of leaders as identified by Adam Bryant: passionate curiosity, battle-hardened confidence, team smarts, a simple mindset, and fearlessness.? The second, a quote by Piet Mondrian, ?The position of the artist is humble. He is essentially a channel.?

Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know me; I look forward to meeting you in the Studio!