Keunho Peter Park – LEAP Finalist

Meet Keunho Peter Park, our next featured 2017 LEAP finalist.

His assortment of artwork includes functional objects, furniture, and musical instruments. Using innovative techniques and wood as a primary material, the pieces are both skillfully-crafted and distinctive. Read on to learn more about the artist and his process. And stop by The Store to shop Keunho Peter Park’s work which will be available in The Store through the end of May.

Tell Us About Your Work.Pat Guitar 01

I am an artist who works with drawing, sound, and sculptural materials to create 3-dimensional anthropomorphic forms as functional objects, furniture, and musical instruments.

Why Were You Drawn to Making Art Pieces?

I always felt more comfortable drawing and thinking visually instead of writing and reading. Finding an outlet for my thoughts was through visual contents and sculptural objects. I like the indirect none-verbal none-literal aspect of it.

Black Hole Chair 01What Are Your Inspirations?

I often find inspiration from human (body, life, culture, music), people (humor, pathos, sarcasm), characteristics, anthropomorphic forms, life forms and creature.

What is the Best Piece of Advice you received as an Artist?

“Be honest with yourself and do what you want to do.” – Beth Ireland.

What Advice Would You Give Others Considering a Career In Art?

I would like to say – Spend a lot of time thinking about what you want to do. Try to figure it out. When you do, try to figure out how to do it. I think having this in my head really helped me making progress in what I was doing.

How Will the LEAP Award Help With Your Practice?

It is a sign for me that I am not being in my own isolated world on my own and I am relatable to others. I feel loved, appreciated and taken seriously as an artist who works and make a living out of it. I feel that I am answered and not being in a one way conversation.