Jewelry Edition Vol. 2

Don’t miss Jewelry Edition Vol. 2 in the SCC Store this December 5 – 26!

Founded by Kat Cole and Laura Wood in 2012, Jewelry Edition supports and promotes the work of emerging and early career jewelry artists, while attracting and educating collectors through an interactive website and pop-up shops around the country.

This limited time SCC feature will showcase the work of national emerging jewelry artists Caitie Sellers, Erica Bello, Emily Rogstad, Jessica Andersen, Kat Cole, Laura Wood, Liz Clark, and Rachel Shimpock.  It’s the perfect opportunity to purchase a meaningful, handcrafted piece, while supporting the work of an emerging artist.

The SCC Studio will be offering a professional practices workshop in conjunction with Jewelry Edition on December 5.  Find more details here.

Caitie Sellers
Erica Bello
Rachel Shimpock
Jessica Andersen
Liz Clark
Laura Wood