French Knitting and Wearable Geometry Workshop with…

2011 Elizabeth R. Raphael Founder?s Prize for small metals winner

Dates & Times:?Saturday & Sunday,?June 23 & 24,?10 am to 4 pm?

Mixing metals with textile techniques, Riley fashions uniquely elegant jewelry. Using thin, lightweight silver and nylon coated steel wire as “fiber,” she forms small line segments to make geometric shapes and then builds the shapes into three-dimensional forms that are lightweight, flexible and adapt to the wearer. Geometric shapes were chosen as the foundation because they are simple, basic and elementary, but can be expounded on to produce multidimensional forms. Each form acts like a link to interconnect with other forms; creating an even larger volumetric structure. Riley will teach her wearable geometry and also a form of knitting, known as spool knitting, corking, French knitting or tomboy knitting, that is done on a spool and nails to create a spiral knit woven cord. On Saturday, students will be introduced to both methods, and on Sunday, they will transform one of Saturday?s exercises into a finished piece of jewelry. This workshop combines geometry with fiber and metalsmithing techniques, and welcomes mathematicians along with fiber and metal artists.?

Tuition: $200, Materials Fee: $75?