Featured Artist: Anne Havel

About the artist

Anne is an enamelist, metalsmith, and lampworker. ?She is discovering that her influences change daily because of her sensory issues. ?Today, Anne is inspired by many of the abstract painter, space objects and creatures from her imagination, molecular level shapes, geometry, clay artists, building structures, flowers, etc.

The ?world is imperfect and that is reflected in much of Anne’s work–not a perfect circle or square–rough around the edges. ?Even nature, which is the closest anything comes to perfection, manifests its “perceived flaws” in the imperfect flower, the decaying tree bark, or the mold-ridden fence-post. ?All these beautiful “flaws” drive her work.

What themes seem to occur/reoccur in your work?

Drawings related to mind-dominating subjects such as ocean/planet digression, nuclear power, and mathematics.

Can you tell us a little about one of your favorite pieces that you’ve created?

One of ?my favorite pieces was ‘State of the Earth Series: From Above This is What I See.’ ?It was a combo of sgraffito and graphite layers, opaque and transparent enamels-a bold project for me. ?Basically, it was about the chaos and disruption/degradation and yet hope one would see if looking down on the planet. ?(image below)

What is your favorite thing about visiting the City of Pittsburgh as an artist?

Pittsburgh has become such a wonderful place for the arts and I visit Pittsburgh at least twice a year and enjoy myself each and every time.?

To sign up for Anne Havel’s enameling workshop,?Some Like it Hot, October 12-13 please click here!?