Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home

September 8, 2017 - February 17, 2018 in the Main Gallery

Shelter is universally identified as a basic human right, yet refuge and protection are out of reach for millions of people worldwide. How does lack of safety and security, from the physical elements as well as unseen external dangers, affect our psyche and ability to live and flourish? Shelter provides a forum for craft artists responses to issues of shelter global and local, public and private.

Shelter, like all of Contemporary Craft’s socially engaged art experiences, aims to create awareness and open dialogue around an urgent social issue. The exhibition will validate the human experience by showcasing art infused with personal stories and perspectives, and will demonstrate that art-making is a vehicle for open communication, healing, and compassion.

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Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home is made possible by the Mary Hillman Jennings Foundation, The Pittsburgh Foundation, Staunton Farm Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, The Fine Foundation, the Brooks Foundation through the PNC Charitable Trusts Grant Review Committee, and Cohen & Grigsby. Media sponsored by 90.5 WESA, 91.3 WYEP, and NEXTpittsburgh. (As of August 2017)

IMAGE: Holly Grace, Round Mountain Hut, 2016. Photo Credit: David McArthur of Parallax Photography.