Rabbit Laser

Donated by Dr. Peter R. Johnson and Joanne Johnson, with support from the Ayers Foundation.

Equipment Specifications:

Our machine is the Rabbit Laser RL-80-1290 model. The cutting bed is 47.2″ x 35.4″. The laser can cut and engrave wood, bamboo, paper, leather, wool felt, natural fabrics, and acrylic up to 1/4″. It can also engrave marble, glass, crystal, and ceramic. It is highly accurate, with location precision of less than 0.01mm.


Before you can rent time on the Rabbit Laser for your own use, you will need to take a Certification Workshop. On the third Thursday of every month, we are offering our Laser Cutter Certification from 6-9pm. The links below will take you to the Eventbrite listings for those workshops.

Rental Rates:

Once you have been certified, it’s time to schedule your time on the laser! On your initial visit, you will need to sign up for 30 minutes of staff time to ensure that any questions or concerns are addressed before using the machine on your own. On an ongoing basis, the rates are $15 for 1 hour, $35 for 1 day, and $120 for 1 month. If 2-3 months have lapsed between uses, you will need to sign up for 30 minutes of staff time again. 

1 Hour1 Day1 Month
Initial Visit$40$60$145
Ongoing Visits$15$35$120

Any more questions?

Email ajones@contemporarycraft.org or studio@contemporarycraft.org!