CRAFTED – On view through December 31st


“We live in a world where we’re so busy we often don?t have time to think about and appreciate the simple things. We’re all guilty of ordering grande throwaway cups of bad coffee because it is quick and easy. How about the occasional take-out dinner in Styrofoam that tastes OK, but you’re not quite sure what the ingredients are and you?re pretty certain there is a nice dash of MSG to enhance the flavor? ?

The idea behind CRAFTED is taking the time to slow down (even if only for a few minutes a week), becoming more aware and appreciating things we might take for granted, including the cups we drink from and the food we eat.”

-Megan Crowell
SCC Store Manager


In a world of processed foods and plastic throwaway cups,?CRAFTED -?a SCC Store exhibit?-?encourages?visitors to think about the artists and craftsmanship behind the forms that contain, present, and enhance the food they are consuming. By slowing down to?celebrate the notion of things handmade, we can stop and truly enjoy the culinary experience.

This year’s focus is the drinking vessel, a simple, everyday object that is often overlooked. The exhibit showcases the work of over 35 American ceramic artists, providing a glimpse into the many ways artists interpret the cup. Just in time for the holiday season, all exhibition cups are for sale.

To encourage a closer look, the public is invited to vote for their favorite?CRAFTED?cup. The resulting ?Best in Show? winner will receive a $300 cash prize. Voting will be open to the public both?online?and in the Store through December 6, 2013.

CRAFTED is sponsored by The Judy & Michael Cheteyan Educational & Charitable Foundation.