City Unseen Revealed!

I finished installing Scott Goss’s new solo exhibition, City Unseen, at our Satellite Gallery on Friday. It was a harrowing experience negotiating giant glass panels from the loading dock, through the bowels of BNY Mellon Center and into the gallery. Not to mention the horrific?thunderstorms?and the fact that I ended up locking my keys in my car and getting stranded for an hour. BUT, I was successful and it looks incredible! I already loved Scott’s work, but seeing it all together as a large body in a gallery setting just made it sing even more. I wish these exhibition shots were better for you, they make most of the show look over or under-lit, but it really isn’t. I blame the strange light effect on the thunderstorms rather than my shoddy camera work. However, if you really want to see what this show looks like you’re better off going directly to the gallery. It is located in downtown Pittsburgh, on the intersection Grant and Oliver Street, in the T-Station lobby. DO IT!

See the full exhibition here!

From the the upper deck
From the upper deck

Rail Bridge IV

Rail Bridge V

Cityscape #125
Late Shift