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Contemporary Craft Happenings

When you can’t make it to Contemporary Craft, enjoy the inspiring artworks, conversations, and the thoughts and creative process behind the artworks at the comfort of your own home!

Nicole Benner – Comfort/Confine II (Fiber)
Fumi Amano – Bassinet (Found Materials)
Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home | 2017 – 18
Meredith Grimsley – Same Old Wounds: Family Legacy (Found Materials)
Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art | 2015 – 2016
ENOUGH Violence: Artist Speak Out | 2013 – 2014
Mariko Kusumoto – Ryounkaku (Metal)

Transformation 10: Contemporary Works in Found Materials
Shelter: Crafting a Safe Home
Edward Eberle in Retrospect
Mindful: Exploring Mental Health through Art
Transformation 9: Contemporary Works in Ceramics
Transformation 8: Contemporary Works in Small Metals

Louise Silk In Her Studio (Fiberarts)
Jocelyn Howard – Let Us Talk (Ceramics)
Janathal Shaw – Future Deferred (Ceramics)
Elhan Ergin – Chained Woman (Ceramics)
Melissa Cameron – 1.1.2017 (Found Materials)
Edward Eberle In His Studio (Ceramics)
Linda Swanson – Cypreus Lumen (Ceramics)
Meghan Patrice Riley – Interstitial (Metal)
Christian Burchard (Wood)
Mark Zirpel (Glass)
Jim Rose (Found Materials)
SunKoo Yuh (Ceramics)
Suzan Rezac (Metal)
David Sengel (Wood)
Sibylle Peretti (Glass)
Artist Interview Blog Posts: Beth Blenkenship, David Edgar, Sarah Kate Beaumont, Bob Ebendorf, Daniel Baxter, and more.

Recycled Plastic Art | Michelle Stitzlein
The Plastiquarium Handletail Fish Project | David Edgar
Weaving with Found Objects | Grace Kubilius
Make A Zip Pouch | Louise Silk
Embroidery on Quilt Square
The Thought Cloud

Sculpture Support System – The Quarantine Companion
This project is a response to social distancing and isolation related to COVID-19. This unprecedented situation is creating feelings of uncertainty, fear and loneliness. The project starters Sean Derry and Sharon Massey hope to mitigate some of those feelings of dread with a project that enables participants to create a new pal while staying at home.

  • The Quarantine Companion kits containing a needle, thread, googly eyes and instructions. Using fabric and other materials found at home, participants can sew a quarantine companion and share pictures via email or on Instagram with hashtag #TheQuarantineCompanion.
  • You can find yours and other quarantine companions on an online gallery! This will continue to be updated.
  • Anyone with a needle and thread is welcome to participate. There is also a limited number of kits available to mail within the US. You can request one here.

Sew On & Sew Forth – The Jewish Association on Aging’s (JAA) call to make face masks for healthcare professionals.

  • What you need:  100% cotton or a cotton/poly blend; 1/4″ elastic (for the ear pieces); interfacing if you have it; pins; needle; thread; sewing machine; scissors; ruler; pencil; paper to make a pattern.
  • How to make a face mask: Follow instructions video produced by JoAnn Fabrics and then start sewing! Finished masks should be washed and ironed prior to donation. JAA will also launder them for extra care.
  • SPECIAL REQUEST: At JAA, they will do their part to add filters inside each mask they receive, so please LEAVE A TWO-INCH OPENING in any mask you donate. They’ll take care of the rest.
  • Face mask donations can be shipped to JAA, 200 JHF Drive, Pittsburgh, PA  15217. Attn: Jen McCay.
    Or can be dropped off at main entrance off Browns Hill Road on the JAA campus (up the hill at the Wintergarden entrance). They will be happy to meet you at the door!

More coming soon!