Can the Strip Get Any Tastier?

It sure can! As you may know, SCC is located on one end of a long warehouse lovingly called the Fruit Auction Building. Our building spans from 16th St to 21 St, where we are. The Strip is home to lot of great food vendors and right on the loading dock of our building we’ve had La Prima Espresso, pizza and wholesale fruit and veggies. But now there is more. The Pittsburgh Public Market is having its soft opening this weekend and it is located at the opposite side of the dock as SCC in the Fruit Auction Building. It’s Grand Opening! on Friday September 10 (the? same night as our opening!).

Neighbors in the Strip transformed this space into an incredible market with all kinds of vendors! Here is a little bit about Pittsburgh Public Markets,

“Pittsburgh?s last public market house was demolished in 1965 to make way for development on the North Side, greatly reducing the opportunities for local farmers,

vendors and artisans to showcase their wares and for consumers to enjoy the freshness, variety and uniqueness of the food and merchandise grown and created in our region. Seasonal farmers markets, craft fairs and, to a large extent, the Strip itself, have helped to fill this gap, but even more was needed.”

Vendors will include places we know and love, like the East End Brewery and La Prima Espresso .