Attn: People With Body Parts

The ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out exhibition has provided SCC the opportunity to collaborate with many new partner organizations, both local and far-reaching.? On Monday, January 27th we had the honor of meeting the Attention: People with Body Parts group as they finished their 14-city tour here in Pittsburgh. Attention: People With Body Parts is a body-positive organization with an emphasis on letter writing and book making; movement; and collaborative projects. It was an equally wonderful opportunity to share the ENOUGH Violence: Artist Speak Out exhibition with them as it was to learn about their project.? They ventured out on this tour as a result of the recently published book, Portable Homes.?

Portable Homes is an anthology of letters collected from domestic violence survivors who wrote to one of their body parts, as they were told or forced to believe their bodies are not safe spaces; their bodies, their homes, became sites of reclamation. Uncensored, raw, and full of movement–this is a book filled with violence, healing, and people with body parts. We have two copies in the Gallery if you would like to skim through, or you can order your own book at:


You?re also welcome to share a letter to one or more of your body parts at:?


We are thankful for all of our Partner Organizations and look forward to the relationships that will continue, as a result of ENOUGH Violence: Artists Speak Out.? If you or your organization has not yet seen the exhibition and would like to, please give us a call to set up a time.


Rachel Saul

Education Program Coordinator