Animated pottery by Mel Griffin

“My work is an investigation of the manner in which physicality, understanding, memory, and mood combine to create meaning in both everyday and imagined environments. I believe that the capacity to empathize can be developed through attentive engagement with daily landscape, and that the health of that landscape can affect the health of our minds. In my work, animals serve as both playful and solemn metaphors for my own interactions with the environment, as well as those of society as a whole.

Through imagery and metaphor, line and clay, my work seeks to capture the viewer’s emotional interest and to rekindle her sense of wonder and discovery. Functional pottery is unique in the depth of its participation in its owner?s life, becoming a part of her personal and intimate sense of place and home. My drawings endeavor to inspire this same familiarity and are approachable, nostalgic, playful, and open to emotional participation.”
-Mel Griffin