A Flea is a Flea is a Flea….

I am looking forward to going Flea Marketing this weekend!

On Saturday I am off to the Lawrenceville Little Flea! The Little Flea is definitely a flea market, but also more than that. It features “a rotating variety of flea, craft and food”, so you’re not always looking at the same stuff week after week. Three reasons why this flea is amazing. One: It supports the green movement by supporting local makers and local buyers. In fact, it is a part of Act Locally!, a project of Equita (a local, green and fair trade shop). Two: It empowers an up-and-coming neighborhood. Held once a week all summer long, this Flea brings neighbors out in support of neighbors, as well as bringing folks from other places to Lawrenceville. Bringing outsiders in for a positive and unique shopping, browsing, and leisure experience helps spread the good word about this vibrant neighborhood. All of this contributes to the sustainability of the area. Three: Did I say unique already? Lawrenceville’s business district is filled with all kinds of little shops started up by entrepreneurs with all kinds of backgrounds…and growing! The variety of places and the locally-owned and non-corporate environment of the district is echoed in Little Flea. This isn’t just a junk sale, but a Flea that complements the local Lawrenceville flavor! Of course, if you’re looking for typical flea market stuff, there is plenty of that too! The market will be held weekly at the corner of Butler St. and 36th. (Goeller’s parking lot) from 8am-3pm. I pulled the images off of Equita’s Flickr page.
On Sunday I am going to try out a new one – the Pittsburgh Flea. This one is actually held in the parking lot behind SCC on 21st and Railroad St. in Pittsburgh’s Strip District. It is open every Sunday, April – November between 8 am and 3 pm. I have not been to this one yet, but my hopes are high after seeing these pictures on their blog:
Hopefully it won’t rain like the weather says it will and I’ll have a chance to explore both of these fleas on my bike. I will try to take pictures of neat crafters and special finds to post next week!

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