2010 Car Free Fridays Success!

We are happy to share the success of our friends at Bike PGH! Their Car Free Fridays initiative has been hugely successful! I am reposted their blog below. Hope to see you all in the bike lane in 2011.

Thank you for supporting Car Free Fridays in 2010!

At BikePGH we?re really happy with the results. A special thanks to the organization and businesses. It is exciting for us to be part of an initiative that involves so many different organizations and businesses with the mutual goal of promoting not driving alone to work. that supported Car Free Fridays this year.?
Be sure to check out the City Paper?s Car Free Fridays webcast. We also started collecting some metrics this year.
  • PARTICIPANTS: 1158 people participated in Car Free Fridays events and activities. 795 people took the Car Free Friday pledge. 178 signed up online.
  • ACTIVITIES: 115 organizations and businesses supported 38 activities in 8 neighborhoods and municipalities.
  • SUPPORT: 15 funding organizations, $54,950 of in-kind support, including raffle prizes worth $2500.
Next year we will launch several initiatives that will encourage even more people to try commuting by foot, bike, transit and car-sharing.
  1. Bike Friendly Employers will launch on February 9th when we will recognize the programs first honorees at our annual membership meeting. This service assists our region?s employers in creating a workplace culture and environment that is friendly to their current bike-riding employees and that encourages even more people to try commuting by bike.
  2. We will launch the long-awaited Car Free Calculator to track the calories burned, CO2e kept out of our atmosphere, and the money we save as individuals and as a region by replacing car trips with biking and walking trips.
  3. We are working with the City of Pittsburgh to plan for, design and install 20 more miles of on-street bike facilities.

The staff of BikePGH thanks you for a great 2010 and we look forward to an even better 2011.