LEAP Award

A handmade brooch with quiet white scenery imagery paired with pointy metal floral and plant structures.Congratulations to Hosanna Rubio, Contemporary Craft’s 2018 LEAP Award winner!

Hosanna Rubio combines traditional metalsmithing techniques such as enameling and casting with newer technologies like digital manipulation to create layered, detailed pieces that serve as a platform to explore recreation of identity. With her work, Rubio hopes to inspire an atmosphere of dialogue to show that sometimes moments of pain and tragedy can offer us the greatest opportunities for beauty and transformation. Stop by The Store to admire and collect her pendants, earrings, and brooches, which will debut on January 20, 2018 and be showcased continuously throughout 2018. Stay tune for her upcoming artist interview with her to talk about her inspiration and creative process!

2018 LEAP Finalists

Dallas Wooten – Ceramics
Store feature: February, March, & April 2018

Juliet Martin – Fiber
Store feature: April, May, & June, 2018

Peter Antor – Jewelry
Store feature: June, July, & August, 2018

Lydia Martin – Jewelry
Store feature: August, September, & October, 2018

Stacy Rodgers – Jewelry
Sophie Glenn – Furniture
Store feature: October, November, & December, 2018



2017 LEAP Winner

CJ Niehaus is Contemporary Craft’s 2017 LEAP Award winner! Hailing from Cincinnati, OH, Niehaus’ functional ceramics featured vibrant and whimsical depictions of animals and nature. Her intricate drawings come to life with under glaze pencil making them both elegant and elaborate. Stop by The Store to shop her bowls, plates, teapots, and sculptures, which will be featured and showcased continuously throughout 2017. Head over to our blog to learn more about the artist and her process.

2017 LEAP Finalists

Kayla Staigvil – Jewelry
Store feature: February & March

Keunho Peter Park – Wood
Store feature: April & May

Kristin LeVier – Wood
Store feature: June & July

Kathleen Janvier – Jewelry
Store feature: August & September

Kristy Kún – Fiber
Anne Fiala – Jewelry
Store feature: October, November, & December

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