CRAFTED 2017: Cups, Mugs, and Tumblers

Earthy colored mugs handmade by Sarah Pike
Dining is a daily part of life, but it’s often treated as a routine of physical necessity rather than a mindful experience. In our increasingly fast-paced, takeout food-centric world, we invite you to slow down and reexamine the ritual of eating through a special celebration of handcrafted ceramic-ware.
CRAFTED is an annual Contemporary Craft Store showcase and sale featuring ceramic artworks in an effort to encourage people to reflect on the relationship between the food we consume and the objects that hold it. This year’s CRAFTED will focus on handcrafted cups, mugs, and tumblers by more than 30 selected ceramic artists from around the world. Don’t miss CRAFTED to shop and gift artfully for this year’s holiday season.
CRAFTED 2017 will start on November 3, 2017 and run till January 30, 2018! If you are not in Pittsburgh, but would love to shop artfully with us, stay tune for holiday updates on our online store.
Get first pick on the beautiful, functional ceramic artworks featured in CRAFTED at its opening reception on Friday, November 3, 6 – 8PM!
CRAFTED 2017 Particpating Artists:
Mark Arnold
Patty Bilbro
Kimberlyn Bloise
Robert Briscoe
Troy Bungart
Amy Chase
Sarah Chenoweth Davis
Alice Drew
Brett Freund
Maria Galuszka (Butternut Press)
Brian Giniewski
Margaret Haden
Autumn Higgins
Bryan Hopkins
Meredith Host
Shawn Ireland
Ahrong Kim
Bradley Klem
Carina Kooiman
Lenore Lampi
Didem Mert
Megan Mitchell
Hannah Niswonger
Lindsay Oesterritter
Elizabeth Pechacek
Sarah Pike
Chuck Purviance
Emily Reinhardt (The Object Enthusiast)
Brad Schwieger
Yoko Sekino-Bove
Paula Shalan
Theo Uilano
Alyssa Westenbroek-Koster
Betsy Williams
HuiFang Wu (DanCeramics 丹陶瓷)