Art Interprets Alzheimer’s

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Satellite Gallery @ BNY Mellon Center

June 15 - September 29, 2013

More than 5 million Americans currently suffer from Alzheimer’s, a disease that progressively affects memory, thinking and behavior.  In its early stages there is mild memory loss, but eventually the disease affects an individual’s ability to do daily tasks on his own.  While there are treatments for some symptoms of Alzheimer’s there is no cure available at this time.  The intent behind this exhibition - featuring work by ceramic artist George Roby and photographer Herbert Ascherman, Jr. - is to promote awareness of Alzheimer’s disease, advance research for a cure, and demonstrate the disease’s effects on patients, caregivers and the community as a whole.

Organized by the Artists Archives of the Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, this traveling exhibition features 13 ceramic sculptures by artist George Roby and 28 black and white photographs by Herbert Ascherman, Jr.  A respected

Ohio potter, sculptor, and teacher, Roby produces functional stoneware using both hand-built and wheel-thrown techniques. Ascherman is known internationally for his professional portraiture in creative, commercial, and social settings. Roby’s wife, Sue, has Alzheimer’s. As a vehicle to experience and understand her changing behavior, the artist began a series of sculptures which mirrors the couple’s thoughts and emotions. Ascherman was invited to contribute a visual interpretation of the disease centering on his portrait skills and interests. With Roby’s sculptural works—including titles such as The Comfort of Acceptance, The Pain of Denial and What Is Said and What is Heard—and Ascherman’s portraits, the exhibition conveys a brief look at both the interior and exterior of a horribly debilitating experience.

Related public programming - presented in collaboration with the Greater Pennsylvania Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association - includes:

Lost in the Land of Loss

Saturday, June 15

10 am - 2 pm

In this half-day ceramic workshop, led by exhibition artist George Roby, students will experiment with clay exercises designed to help navigate the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease on patients and their loved ones. Tuition is $45 per family with a materials fee of $10. > SIGN UP

Faces Seen Hearts Unknown:

Art Interprets Alzheimer’s

Free roundtable discussion

Saturday, June 15

3 - 4 pm

Join artist George Roby and other community members for a free round table discussion about creative ways to handle the challenges of Alzheimer's disease. > RSVP

2100 smallman st.  pittsburgh, pa  15222 | 412.261.7003 | monday - saturday, 10 am - 5 pm

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George Roby, Sue and Me or - The Handler and the Happy Nuisance

Clay, Acrylic Paint, 23" x 13" x17"